Finish off your 2022 F1 grid with the champion's car

10 July 2023
Bburago Red Bull Racing RB18 F1 2022 - #1 Max Verstappen
Finish off your 2022 F1 grid with the champion's car Images

PRICE: £22.99
REF NO: B18-38062V
SCALE: 1/43

Verstappen's 2022 F1 season title, at first glance, appeared to be taken at a canter. The talented Dutchman, son of Jos Vertappen, won 15 of the 22 races throughout the season and his Red Bull teammate, Sergio Perez, won two of the remaining seven as well.

Formula 1 these days might appear to be more about the car than the driver, as those results suggest, but there's no denying that the boy Max has plenty of talent.The car's design team, led by the incredibly-talented Adrain Newey, certainly gave Verstappen and Perez a great car to work with. Perez finished 3rd in the title race, just 3 points behind Ferrari's Charles Leclerc so, of course, Red Bull took the constructor's title by a country mile too.

Bburago has been producing F1 replicas for many years - always at great prices. With the highly-detailed versions costing about three times the price, and not always with a driver figure, it is easy to see why these wonderful models represent such superb value. Yes, they might lack the finesse of those more expensive alternatives, but how much cheaper is it to put a decent grid together?

Taking that into account, it's worth noting that all of these Bburago F1 replicas come in an even cheaper version, without the helmeted drivers and in 'standard' packaging, at just £9.99 each! Plus there are 1/18 and 1/24 scale versions of both the Ferraris and the Red Bulls as well.

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Oh, and a little birdie tells me that there could be at least one more team to join the range when the 2023 releases are announced by Bburago too. So get your grid assembled in readiness and watch this space...