Exquisite new 1/43 scale tooling for Oxford Diecast's 25th anniversary

22 August 2019
Oxford Diecast Weymann Fanfare - South Wales
Exquisite new 1/43 scale tooling for Oxford Diecast's 25th anniversary Images

Price: £43.95
Ref: 43WFA001

Scale: 1/43

This rather ambitious new tooling was conceived to mark 25 years of Oxford Diecast. It is incredibly appropriate that it chose to celebrate this milestone with a Fanfare!

The Weymann Fanfare coach was introduced in the 1950s and these were some of the first such bodies to have a full front design rather than the more traditional half cab layout. The attractive bodywork was fitted to several different makes of chassis including AEC & Leyland. Oxford Diecast has produced several models of these with WFA (AEC) and WFL (Leyland) references. This is an AEC variant, not that you can tell as it only refers to the chassis on which it was built - the body is the same.

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Oxford's Weymann Fanfare has already appeared in South Wales colours in both 1/76 and 1/148 scales and given the company's roots it is only right that this livery should be the first at the new scale - it was the natural thing to do, especially with the Swansea destination, Oxford Diecast's home of course.

The larger scale afforded Oxford the opportunity to really go to town with some extra detail and it took full advantage of this but still managed to keep the price at a very competitive level of just £43.95. The interior is, of course, dominated by the seating and this is all nicely finished but without too much pomp, allowing the focus to be drawn elsewhere to areas such as the front. The roof mounted air horns are the most instantly obvious additions to the previous smaller scale releases and they add some real extra value. Although please ignore the slightly odd angle of the driver's side horn as this was knocked askew by our clumsy photographer (that will be your Editor then) and was noticed too late to rectify! But take this as a warning when handling as it is easy to catch them, although it is a testament to the quality of manufacture that the guilty party has since managed to move it back as to how it should be without breaking anything off.

The intricate chrome/silver lining is everywhere and is beautifully applied with perfectly masked lines throughout and this is also true of the lining on the front wheels. It is a thoroughly pleasing model and we can't wait to see the next version, in Southdown colours, No 43WFL001, a Leyland-chassised variant. Top work, Oxford!