Esval's quality fires up desire as its tucker torpedo hits the mark

24 October 2018
esval1-60934.jpg Esval Models Tucker 48 "Torpedo" 2-Door Convertible
Esval Models Tucker 48 "Torpedo" 2-Door Convertible
Esval's quality fires up desire as its tucker torpedo hits the mark Images

Esval Models Tucker 48 "Torpedo" 2-Door Convertible

PRICE: €92.95 each
REF: EMUS43056A & EMUS43056B
SCALE: 1/43

Named after its model year of 1948, the stylish and innovative Tucker 48 was conceived by Preston Tucker and manufactured only briefly in Chicago. Only 51 production cars were made before the Tucker Corporation was forced to cease production in March 1949, thanks largely to negative publicity in the news media, a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation and a heavily publicised stock fraud trial (in which the allegations were disproven and led to a full acquittal). Speculation is still rife even today though that the Big Three major car manufacturers and a local Senator played quite a part in the company's demise.

Legend has it that Tucker gave the orders to start work on a top secret two-door convertible that had started life as a Tucker 48 Sedan, although it was reportedly never finished at the time and all sorts of doubts remain as to the convertible's origins, although it definitely exists today in this stunning shade of blue.

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This exquisite new pair of releases from Esval Models are almost beyond superlatives. With a flawless application of this rather fetching shade of metallic blue coupled with some incredibly realistic chromework, these two really are stand outs.

The front and rear bumpers are both worthy of particular mention with their respective meshed areas receiving some spectacularly fine work. Realistic whitewall tyres add to the period feel and there is something special about that middle headlamp and the faired bonnet that flows from it - perhaps this is where the torpedo moniker emanated from?

The open topped version is EMUS43056A, while the roof up option is EMUS43056B.

Limited to 500 of each, get them while you still can!