Escape to a better place in style with Schuco's big ol' VW T2 camper

15 May 2020
Schuco VW T2a Bus L - red/white
Escape to a better place in style with Schuco's big ol' VW T2 camper Images

PRICE: £140.99
REF: 45 004 3600
SCALE: 1/18

Volkswagen's second generation Type 2 Bus was introduced in  late 1967, replacing the wonderful, but slow, Type 2 "Splitty" that had been in production since late 1949.

With its equally distinctive bay window, models of this new version built up to 1971 are called the T2a ("Early Bay") and later models, produced in Germany until 1979, the T2b ("Late Bay"), so Schuco's delightful release here is one of the former, easily identifiable by it less-rounded bumpers to both the front and rear of the vehicle.

This second-gen Type 2 lost its distinctive split front windshield, and was slightly larger and considerably heavier compared to its predecessor. The 1.6-litre engine was also slightly larger too. The battery and electrical system were upgraded to 12 volts, and it also did away with the swing axle rear suspension and transfer boxes.

Schuco's large 1/18 scale diecast is a marvellous piece of nostalgia and is wonderfully recreated throughout. The very evocative waistline-split red and white paint job is typical of these incredibly popular vehicles, and is perfectly finished all over.

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Being a diecast, Schuco has taken full advantage of this and everything that could open, with the exception of the fuel filler flap, does. All reveal some excellent interior detail and certainly offer several excellent display options.

The action on the sliding side door is particularly pleasing as the balance between realistic finesse and reduced-scale sturdiness is perfectly met.

Finishing touches definitely worth of mention are the hub caps on the wheels, exhibiting a very realistic chrome finish, and the light lenses. A marvellous piece of miniature engineering!