Edward Gilder 1/50 scale Scania R Topline with livestock trailer by WSI exclusively for Maguires Models, RRP £148.00

10 November 2015
10_MAIN_IMG_1381-87963.jpg A splendid model from any angle, but WSI's livestock trailer really adds something to this particular release and the livery is splendidly reproduced throughout with nothing missed.
Another superb limited edition release from WSI, produced exclusively for Maguires Models.
Edward Gilder 1/50 scale Scania R Topline with livestock trailer by WSI exclusively for Maguires Models, RRP £148.00 Images

Intorduced in 2004, Scania's hugely popular R Series scooped the International Truck of the Year award in 2005, then again in 2010! Designed to meet the highest demands in the world regarding fuel economy, driver appeal and reliability, according to Scania, its sturdy exterior styling is an impressive sight on the road and the R Series has a strong following amongst truck enthusiasts as well as drivers and fleet operators. The R Series range offered various trucks optimised for long haulage. All models featured a Scania R cab, of course, and each vehicle was available as a tractor or rigid. Different axle configurations and a choice of chassis height and suspension were also available, making this a truly versatile range of trucks, which goes a long way to explaining the popularity of this particular Scania range. The R Series also came with four different cab heights, called Low, Normal, Highline and Topline, with the latter being the highest and, therefore, the most spacious.

Founded by Edward Gilder, Edward Gilder Transport remains a family run transport company specialising in a number of transport services from national distribution to international transport and from temperature sensitive goods to livestock tranport, as modelled here. With a large, modern and varied fleet of specialist vehicles, and offices throughout Europe, Edward Gilder Transport has grown into a market leader and prides itself on the maintenance of its fleet, something that clearly comes across with this release from WSI, produced exclusively for Maguires Models and available in a limited run of just 155 pieces.

The version of the truck modelled here is a 6x2 Topline and the cab itself carries exquisite detail throughout, even up to the roof with the running lights and horns. WSI's R Series cab is an absolute peach, with the proportions and body shape spot on. Add a sublime paint finish and top notch graphics into the mix and we clearly have a splendid model. Couple this to WSI's 3-axle livestock trailer and the result is really rather lovely (a masterpiece of understatement!).

Edward Gilder Transport's livery looks absolutely fabulous on the road and this model is no different: classic and understated but very strong and incredibly aesthetically pleasing too. I mean, just look at the finish to the graphics on the rear of the trailer. I rest my case. m'Lord.

Overall, another stunning beauty commissioned by Maguires Models (www.maguiresmodels.co.uk).

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