Don't miss Norev's nifty new Alpine or you might get the (French) blues

28 July 2020
Norev 2018 Alpine A110 Pure - Alpine Blue
Don't miss Norev's nifty new Alpine or you might get the (French) blues Images

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There seems to be a bit of a French theme running here, and another popular design from across the channel is the subject of this review - a modern interpetation of the classic Alpine A110 is the choice this time.

The original, Michelotti-designed, A110 was manufactured at Renault's Dieppe plant from 1961 to 1977, so when Renault announced the development of its modern counterpart, it was fitting to discover that the new car would be built there too. Another aspect of the original is that it became a big success on the rallying scene, but things have changed these days and it's difficult to imagine this new version following in its older sibling's wheeltracks in today's WRC. Specific track versions have been developed for road racing though.

Introduced at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show, this new A110 features several design cues and technical aspects that are reminiscent of the original design. The initially most obvious of these is the general 'berlinette' body style and, in particular, the auxiliary front lamps faired into the bonnet adjacent to the main headlight units. Continuing the rear-wheel-drive tradition, the engine is mounted amidships, giving a better all round balance compared to the rear-engine of the 1960s version.

Norev has modelled the base "Pure" version - Première and Legende are the two enhanced specifications - and it just had to be in French Blue of course.

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The body shape is pleasingly accurate and that evocative colour is very nicely applied all over, set off by a great set of alloys (17 inches on the real car). Detailing to the front and rear lights, exhaust and intake grilles is good and, coupled with a nicely appointed cabin interior, the whole package makes for a lovely model.

Chapeau, Norev!