DNA's latest Swedish beauty is a turbocharged success

06 January 2021
DNA Collectibles Saab 99 Turbo
DNA's latest Swedish beauty is a turbocharged success Images

PRICE: £140.39
REF: DNA000051
SCALE: 1/18

Saab's 99 Turbo was designed by Sixten Sason and manufactured both in Sweden and Finland between 1968 and 1984. It was also the first Saab to use a turbocharger.

Finished in the popular Cardinal Red, DNA had originally planned to recreate the US market version, with its four rounded headlamps, but after consulting its sizeable social media following, the response was nearly unanimous for the European version that you see modelled here. One concession to the American version, though, is the application of the side stripes, as these were a US-only option.

Starting with the exterior, the finish is absolutely perfect, once again. That Cardinal Red paint job is flawless and is a very good choice, as this was an incredibly popular showroom choice in period.

As always, DNA's attention to detail is exemplary, with the rear spoiler, mud flaps, light lenses and the front grille all present, and top notch of course. Take a peek through that grille and you will even see the pair of radiator fans. Before we move inside, take a look at those Inca wheels, so evocative of the real car, and exquisitely replicated too - looking exactly like the real wheels. The finesse of the body badging is worthy of a special mention too.

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The interior is not to be outdone either, as the superbly realistic two-tone seat coverings are spot on, really bringing back memories of eighties automotive styling. The wooden dashboard is absolutely stunning, and see if you can spot that all important extra boost gauge for the turbo.

It's another absolute stunner from the team in Geneva - well done, guys! Being a twice-Saab owner, I might sometimes be a bit biased towards this marque, but what DNA has created here truly is a thing of beauty. Swedish beauty.