DNA Collectibles perfectly model a Volvo C70 for you

23 December 2019
DNA Collectibles 1999 Volvo C70 Convertible
DNA Collectibles perfectly model a Volvo C70 for you Images

PRICE: £138.00 
REF: DNA000022
SCALE: 1/18

As convertibles go, Volvo's late '90s C70 is a great example of where many manufacturers were headed at the time.

The first generation Volvo C70 convertible has never been modelled at 1/18 scale before, so it's another DNA Collectibles exclusive, something its development team are very good at identifying. 

Ready to be shipped at the end of January 2020, just 320 are being produced and each chassis is individually numbered.

Painted in Turquoise pearl with a beige interior, this is another totally exquisite product from DNA Collectibles, a company that continues to go from strength to strength and consistently turns out absolutely gorgeous models. The body and chassis are resincast, meaning that the finesse to the panel gaps, trim and overall detailing is of the highest order. 

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But then take a look at the light lenses and the grille, complete with a superbly miniaturised Volvo badge - they all look so incredibly realistic. The alloy wheels are superb too, fitted with very realistically treaded tyres.

Now turn your attention to the interior. Simply lift off the soft top section with its amazingly detailed heated rear screen and a world of detail is revealed.

The walnut-effect console stands out beautifully and the detail to the dash instrumentation is exquisite. The seats look so realistic and the seat belts are made of fabric.

Totally stunning job!