Czech out this stunning pre-War bus by Autocult

11 April 2023
Autocult 1937 Tatra T82 Bus - Czech Republic
Czech out this stunning pre-War bus by Autocult Images

PRICE: £151.99
REF NO: ATC 10011
SCALE: 1/43

When the T82 truck was being designed, the wishes of the military were specifically taken into account. The T82 was fitted with the proven chassis, in tubular construction, with the Tatra-typical pendulum axles and leaf suspension. The frame carried a 2.5-litre four-stroke boxer engine boxer, which was forcibly air-cooled by two fans and produced 55 hp. The power was transferred by eight forward and one reverse gear to the double-driven rear axle. The truck, which weighed just over three tons, was designed for a payload of two tons. The military, as the main customer, ordered the T82 mainly as a crew bus. However, the open truck, which was only equipped with a tarpaulin, was not the only option. Ambulances and buses for the civilian sector were just two of the additional versions of the T82. The buses were ordered by the ‘CSD’ (Ceskoslovenské státní dráhy, loosely translated as ‘Czechosolvak State Railroad’).

As we can always expect from AutoCult, this model is of the highest order, and a truly exquisite amount of attention has been lavished upon this most evocative replica of this lesser-known bus.

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The paintwork is absolutely beautifully-applied and the interior is very nicely appointed, and easy to appreciate given the expanse of windows. Top notch!