Crossover to DNA Collectibles to appreciate its stylish new Saab SUV

20 July 2020
DNA Collectibles 2010 Saab 9-4X - Crystal Red
Crossover to DNA Collectibles to appreciate its stylish new Saab SUV Images

PRICE: £139.99
REF NO: DNA000032
SCALE: 1/18

Saab's 9-4X is a compact luxury 4-door crossover/SUV produced between 2010 and 2011. During this very brief production period, only 814 cars were officially assembled (according to Saab Museum in Trollhättan).

From the brief period when General Motors were the custodians of the brand, before it sold Saab Automobile AB to Spyker Cars N.V., this car is based on the platform used for the Cadillac SRX, the all-wheel-drive GM Theta Premium. Two versions of V6 petrol engines were available - the 3.0i V6 and the 2.8T V6 Aero that DNA Collectibles has chosen to replicate.

Obviously, the first thing that hits you is the beautifully rich deep Crystal Red paintwork. This sumptuous colour was chosen by fans of DNA Collectibles through its superb social media presence - the interaction prior to production is something that we like a lot. Apart from the obvious appeal to the eye, this particular colour is an interesting choice because only a very, very small number of the real production left the factory in this colour.

Now, let’s focus specifically on the front end. DNA's usual incredible attention to detail just seems to get even better with every release. The finesse to the main and lower intake grilles is astonishing, and those icy blue headlamp units just look so incredibly real.

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Being an SUV, it's a big model, and that also means that we have plenty of 'glass' area to appreciate the interior, including  through the sublime, almost full-length tinted sunroof. As a resincast, the doors don't open, but that doesn't mean DNA hasn't paid attention to the cabin. Peer through any of the realistic window areas and you will be treated to a stunningly realistic visual experience.

The finish all over is absolutely exquisite, so, with only 320 models made, you'll need to be quick, Especially at DNA's new price point - cost savings thanks to the new style of packaging have been passed on directly to the customer.