Cowboy builders' transit is the first of Corgi's new "Tools of the Trade" range

18 February 2020
Corgi Ford Transit Mk1 - "Bodgit and Scarper"
Cowboy builders' transit is the first of Corgi's new "Tools of the Trade" range Images

SCALE: 1/43
PRICE: £24.99
REF: CC02722

Since its introduction in 1965, over 8,000,000 Transit vans have been sold, making it one of the best-selling vans of all time. Officially, there have been only four generations over the 55 years of production, but numerous facelifts make it seem like there have been many more.

For its new "Tools of the Trade" range, Corgi has chosen to model an original Mk1 pre-facelift van, although the version modelled had undergone a mini facelift of its own when Ford brought in a 6-cylinder in-line Diesel unit as an alternative to the original 4-cylinder petrol. The van replicated is a 1967 model, given that it is an E-suffix plate. Interestingly, 1967 was the year the changeover moved to the 1st August, from 1st January previously.

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Arriving in special packaging for the new range, this van depicts a traditionally fictional firm of cowboy tradesmen, although there were plenty who really operated in a 'fly by night' manner to earn this reputation!

The model is adorned with suitably amusing graphics and is is nicely finished, something its imaginary 'owners' rarely achieved, of course.

The white paint job looks great and the neat graphics are crisp and well-printed. The detail to the grille is excellent and the hubcaps look very realistic. Nice job, Corgi!