Corgi's vintage 'Sea King' is so good that it could get us all in a whirl

23 January 2020
Corgi Sikorsky SH-3A Bu.No 152134, HS-3 ‘Tridents’, USS Guadalcanal, July 21st 1966
Corgi's vintage 'Sea King' is so good that it could get us all in a whirl Images

PRICE: £61.49 
REF: AA33422
SCALE: 1/72

Assigned as the lead recovery helicopter for the Gemini X space mission, the visually pleasing Sikorsky SH-3A Sea King ‘White 63’ from US Navy HS-3 ‘Tridents’ was on the scene seconds after the capsule splashed down, with its specialist diver ensuring the safe extraction of the returning astronauts. With the world’s attention fixed on this latest mission, for a few short moments, the live broadcast of the recovery made this aircraft the most famous helicopter in the world, before it returned to USS Guadalcanal as America’s latest spaceman transporter. After its time in the limelight, the aircraft would return to its usual anti-submarine patrol duties. 

The finish to Corgi's latest release of its marvellous Sea King casting is absolutely astonishing, with a fabulously realistic sheen to the look.

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Wearing the correct markings to replicate this historically important aircraft, the graphics are applied perfectly with crisp edges and the right proportions.

The cockpit is nicely detailed with two pilots and some instrumentation clearly visible through the ample glass. The starboard side door slides forward to reveal the interior, ready to receive its cargo. 

Supplied with a stand, the rotor blades are packed separately but are simple to fit and spin freely.