Corgi's Triumph of scale engineering is well worth the scramble to get one

24 February 2023
Corgi James Bond Triumph Scrambler 1200 - No Time to Die
Corgi's Triumph of scale engineering is well worth the scramble to get one Images

PRICE: £84.99
REF NO: CC08401
SCALE: 1/12

Originally planned to be a 1/24 scale replica, Corgi realised quite early on in the design process, in collaboration with Triumph Motorcycles and EON Productions (the production company behind the making of the all of the James Bond movie releases), that the model needed to be larger to really do this incredible piece of machinery justice.

It was then reworked to a much more impressive 1/12 scale, but the inevitable production delays caused by this meant that it missed the launch of the film on the big screen by quite some time. But at the risk of potentially overusing a well-worn phrase, it really has been worth the wait.

Our hero, played by Daniel Craig in his last appearance as the fictional British Secret Service agent, uses the bike in the film to very good effect as he (yet again) escapes the clutches of those baddies. A spectacular scene sees him at full throttle as he steals the bike from one of the aforementioned nasties and, after series of superb stunts, the bike launches him up a flight of stairs onto a terrazza and off through the streets of the usually much more sedate city of Matera, in southern Italy. The stunts were actually performed by Paul Edmondson, one of Mr Craig's stunt doubles, but we won't let that diminish our appreciation of this marvellous replica.

Looking every millimetre the part, you only have to check out the reviews on Corgi's website from owners of the real thing to find out how accurate this replica is. The detailing is really excellent - of particular note from the rear are the rubber tread blocks on the tyres and the links of the chain. Plus, also at the rear end, the employment of a scaled-down replica of a real bike stand is a stroke of genius - so much better than a basic/standard model stand.

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The paint finish and application of the graphics are top notch and the whole model feels really well made. And at an impressive 21cm long (over eight inches) it has excellent display presence too.

An absolute must-have for any James Bond fan.