Corgi's newly-tooled VW's a fitting tribute to Darrell

10 January 2022
Corgi Volkswagen Campervan Type 2 Bay Window, Marino yellow and pastel white
Corgi's newly-tooled VW's a fitting tribute to Darrell Images

PRICE: £32.99
REF: VA14600
SCALE: 1/43

VOLKSWAGEN'S original Type 2 sold in far larger numbers, and eventually guises, than VW had originally envisaged when it was launched in 1950. Sensibly, it evolved this successful concept and launched the second generation Type 2 in late 1967. The new vehicle was larger, more powerful, more comfortable and more versatile, but retained the original’s charm and its air-cooled, rear-engined layout. It was almost immediately nicknamed the ‘Bay Window’ because of its large wraparound windscreen and is now often known just as the ‘Bay’.

The example modelled was first registered on May 3rd 1979 and immediately sent to Devon Conversions, the company who invented the word Caravanette, to be turned into a camper. Later in its life this went on to be owned by Corgi's very own Marketing Manager, Darrell Burge, and affectionately named ‘Pepper’. Sadly, Darrell passed away suddenly in February 2021, so this product acts as a welcome tribute to Darrell and his dedication to Corgi diecast models.

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It's a wonderful piece of new tooling, and one that Darrell played a large part in. I remember having a good chat with him about it a couple of years ago when it was first in the offing.

The finish is beautiful, complementing the superbly-executed shape perfectly. There is excellent detail all round and Darrell's input means this an easy choice for me to make this month.