Corgi gives us a good old 'E' with real Sixties style

03 August 2023
Corgi Jaguar 4.2-litre E-Type - blue
Corgi gives us a good old 'E' with real Sixties style Images

PRICE: £21.99
REF NO: RT33501
SCALE: Fit the box

Continuing the great work by The Corgi Model Club over the last few years, Corgi has released four of the 're-imaginings' that the club has reverse-engineered recently. Each of the four has been released in a different colourway to the club version, of course, making full use of the castings of these wonderful recreations.

Originally released in 1968 by Corgi Toys, the No 335 Jaguar 4.2 E-Type is a brilliant replication of the iconic British sports car in feature-packed toy form, with opening doors, bonnet and boot, and with tipping front seats and sliding rear seat in the interior.

The model is presented in a striking metallic blue paint job, in a replica of the original display packaging that cleverly allows the model to be safely removed without damaging the pack itself.

The recent Corgi Model Club release was in red (and is still available from, so this latest release from Corgi means that both of the original colour versions can be bought again 'as new' for very little money today.

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The model is an incredibly close recreation of the original (it definitely stands up to very close side-by-side inspeaction). The original opening features and details are all there.

The prices of the Corgi releases represent incredibly good value, especially when compared to how much mint originals go for.