Conrad's latest reissue of the mighty case CX 800 will definitely grab you

25 April 2022
Conrad CASE CX 800 Demolition excavator

PRICE: 186.00 €
REF: 2923-0
SCALE: 1/50

This replica represents the demolition version of the Case CX800 Excavator, so features a telescopic boom that facilitates the high reach required for the jaws to reach up multi-storey buildings. The model itself is very solid and heavy, weighing in at an impressive 2.5kg. The heaviness goes all the way down to the track frames and metal tracks, and the frames are nicely detailed, although the rollers are not moving parts. The tracks are made up of individual links and the overall effect is very pleasing.

The body casting features a myriad of detail, such as grilles and hatch handles, and there is a hint of texture on the driver's side walkway. The metal handrails and ladders are very good indeed. The cab has basic internal detail, such as seats and controls, and the body of the cab is an excellent casting. A plastic debris guard covers the front and top windscreens.

The first stage of the boom has hydraulic hosing detail cast in to the top and at the base plastic hosing takes this into the body. The twin hydraulic cylinders have plastic sleeves, but the match to the body colour is excellent. The digging arm is all metal except for the hydraulic cylinder jackets and hydraulic hosing, which are plastic.

The demolition arm is a similarly heavy duty piece of metal with plastic for the same items as on the bucket arm. The casting has hose lines and various other plates and covers which provide detail. The jaws are a superb example of scale modelling, with rivet detail.

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The tracks work very well and the arms are readily interchangeable and the digging arm can be configured in either of two ways.

The demolition arm is impressive with the main part consisting of a three stage telescope that dramatically increases its length. Despite this, and the weight of the arm, the model remains very stable due to the heaviness of the body. Furthermore, the hydraulic cylinders modelled are very stiff so there is no hint of cylinder bleed. The jaws rotate and can be opened and closed.

The sheer weight of the model gives it a quality feel and the standard of the castings and all moving parts is very good indeed. The very crisp paintwork and graphics enhance the model perfectly.

This is a very impressive model from Conrad. A large variety of display options are possible, giving collectors plenty of flexibility.