Classic 1980s Coupé

22 March 2023
Stephen Paul Hardy looks at a classic 1980s essential from OttOmobile.
Classic 1980s Coupé Images

Just over two years ago, I reviewed OttOmobile’s then new models of the 1983 Audi 80 quattro B2 (OT339) and 1985 Audi Sport (Ur-)quattro (OT617) as “1980s essentials” (December 2020 issue). Here then is a bridge between the two that, without a doubt, is an essential companion to them in the display cabinet.

Audi GT Coupé - 1987 (OT954)

A body style that instantly evokes the 1980s in all respects, and no wonder, because its production in all generations spanned the best part of the decade. Derived from the Audi 80 and centre stage at the introduction of Audi’s quattro drivetrain, the Coupé has become an increasingly popular subject with scale model manufacturers of late. Happily then, OttOmobile bring us one of the very best representations around.

Like its 1983 Audi 80 quattro B2, OttOmobile’s 1987 GT Coupé not only epitomises 1980s body styling, but the whole Audi image of that era. Although part of the same Group bound together under the overarching VAG dealership signing, the Volkswagen and Audi brands were carving distinctly different images for themselves. This was the era of Audi sales brochures all having aluminium silver coloured covers and liberal use of the "Vorsprung durch Technik" ("Advancement through technology”) slogan.

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Common between both brands were some of Volkswagen’s most enduring (and long running) paint colours of the post air-cooled era, which brought forward two superb reds in particular. The earlier L31B/LA3A Mars Red - as used on OttOmobile’s 80 quattro B2 - and LY3D Tornado Red. Both reds were invariably included in the limited choice paint options used on many of the V.A.G. high profile models. Tornado Red in particular always polished up to a satisfyingly deep shine that enhanced the look of any vehicle painted in it by the way it contrasted with black and brightwork trim fittings. Not surprisingly then, OttOmobile’s Coupé looks superb in this well-chosen colour with its grey interior.

Representing a very late production version, by which time Audi only marketed the Coupé as a ‘GT’ or ‘quattro’, the external differences were minimal. Even so, differences clearly defined by the latter version carrying some distinctive components from the Ur-quattro that left an onlooker in no doubt about which drivetrain it had under the skin. This aside, both the late series ‘GT’ and ‘quattro’ shared new facelift wraparound bumpers with integral front lighting, together with the tail spoiler previously reserved for the quattro. These details, and the late series heavily-smoked rear lamps that necessitated separate red reflectors in the bumper, along with everything else, are superbly captured by OttOmobile - as are the idiosyncratic alloy rims and fade out Audi rings logos to the lower body side.