Broken down? TSM Models' Land Rover will pick you up

13 January 2020
TSM Model Land Rover Series I 107 Recovery Truck - Barnes Garage
Broken down? TSM Models' Land Rover will pick you up Images

SCALE: 1/43
PRICE: £100.00 
REF: TSM154358

Conceived by the Rover Company in 1947 during the aftermath of World War II, the Land Rover was originally designed to only be in production for two or three years to gain some cash flow and export orders for the Rover Company so it could restart upmarket car production. Once car production restarted, however, it was greatly outsold by the off-road Land Rover, which developed into its own brand that remains successful today.

One of the many functions that this superb vehicle proved to be just the job for was vehicle recovery and this model captures the essence of the Series I perfectly, with all the features and styling in place for the collector to enjoy.

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TSM hasn't missed anything out and, in fact, the attention to detail and finish are so good that you have to look really closely at the photographs to make sure it isn't a real vehicle - only the slightly over-engineered wing mirrors give any hint.

Finished flawlessly and with graphics that really capture the days of hand-painted signwriting, the model is packed with fine detail, right down to the rivet heads on the external door hinges. The finesse of the grille and the accuracy of the winch mechanism are a particular delight. Absolutely sublime work, TSM!