Boxing clever

04 November 2021
If you like your models small, then Schuco has added an exciting new range to its portfolio.
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Announced in February, Schuco’s limited edition 1/64 scale Paperbox Edition range has begun to arrive at retailers. Essentially new colourways of existing 1/64 scale models, these have been repackaged and are being sold in 1970s style card boxes, with attractive artwork evocative of the era.

Each item comes with a card outer sleeve that replicates the style of the box, and the model itself is wrapped in tissue. This not only adds to the retrospective feel, but also means that the packaging is 100% recyclable, moving away from environmentally-unfriendly plastic.

In an era where use of plastic is commonplace at this scale, for example, the current Hot Wheels and Matchbox ranges, it is refreshing to pick up one of these miniature marvels and experience a weighty feel. Both the body and baseplate are diecast, adding to the overall quality of Schuco’s range. Additionally, each model features accurately-reproduced wheels, replicating those found on the real cars.

The first batch of ten releases can either be bought individually, for around £11.99 each, or as a specially packaged set of 20 (two of each) for retailers. The special set of 20 comes in an attractive shop counter ‘point of sale’ box. Only 2,000 of each model has been produced, so just 1,000 retailer packs, and I couldn’t resist buying one of these to share with you here.

45 203 1900 - No 1 Volkswagen Käfer Beetle
The white upper body, bonnet and engine cover contrast with dark blue sides, differentiating nicely from previous one-coloured releases. The interior is black and grey,  and the chrome detailing is neatly picked out.

45 203 0600 – No 2 Mercedes-Benz 200 /8
Painted all over in an attractive shade of light green, the detailing is again in silver and the interior is black. The hub caps are a particular delight here.

45 203 0700 – No 3 Land Rover Defender
The biggest of the ten models makes this a pretty hefty replica in terms of weight for this scale. Neatly painted in a rich red with a white roof and black interior, this is a really lovely model.

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45 203 0800 – No 4 Citroën 2 CV
The iconic Deux Chevaux looks fabulous in this bright shade of orange with black ‘vinyl’ sunroof and interior. That oh-so-familiar body is probably the most recognisable automotive shape, along with the Beetle and the Mini, of all time.

45 203 0900 – No 5 Volkswagen T1 Bus
Another incredibly popular vehicle, the amazing VW ‘Splitty’ makes for a superb inclusion. Beautifully painted in dark blue and cream, with grey interior.

45 203 1000 – No 6 BMW 2002
Ah, the mighty BMW 2002 – another great choice. As is the colour chosen, a pale metallic blue, which shows off the lines of this classic very well indeed. The interior is black.

45 203 1100 – No 7 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL
A real stunner, the 300 SL has delighted motoring enthusiasts for nearly seven decades. The body is sumptuously adorned in a rich red with a beige interior and that famous grille is excellent.

45 203 1200 – No 8 Mini Cooper
An interesting choice of colour, as the black bonnet seems to be a nod to Mr Bean, but with the body in yellow rather than a lime green, with a black interior. Nothing hints at it being a Cooper either, but it's a neat little model anyway.

45 203 1300 – No 9 Porsche Turbo
Porsche’s 930 Turbo looks superb in white, with the obligatory side stripes in black. The interior is black too. It’s another no-brainer for inclusion.

45 203 1400 – No 10 Volkswagen Golf
Rounding out the first ten releases, is VW’s pretty Golf Mk1. Attractively finished in a metallic shade of green, with a black interior, the lines are unmistakable and well-replicated.

45 203 1500 – Display pack
The full retail pack comprises two of each of the above models. Individually boxed, these all come neatly packed in an attractive, cardboard shop counter ‘point of sale’ unit. It will be interesting to see how this new style is received, but it is certainly a step in the right direction in terms of the environmental impact of our hobby. Personally, I’m impressed and it gets the ‘thumbs up’ from me.