Bond's diminutive 1970S legend wins big with DNA

24 October 2018
bond-bug2-92842.jpg DNA Collectibles Bond Bug 700ES
DNA Collectibles Bond Bug 700ES
Bond's diminutive 1970S legend wins big with DNA Images

DNA Collectibles Bond Bug 700ES

PRICE: CHF159.00
REF: DNA000003
SCALE: 1/18

Over 2,000 Bond Bugs were produced between 1970 and 1974 and, despite what a colour variant of the Corgi Toys diecast might suggest, all production models were built in this gorgeously evocative orange. None left the factory in Corgi's alternative Lime Green, although six were produced in white for a cigarette company promotion.

There has long been a huge gap in the scale replica market as, apart from the aforementioned Corgi release, there have been none of note. For such a small car, 1/18 is the perfect choice as anything smaller would have meant too much loss of detail. And what an incredible amount of detail DNA has been able to pack in.

Look at the photo below, long and hard. With the exception of the absence of a registration number plate and perhaps the replication of the windscreen wiper, this really could be a photo of a real car. Seeing the model close up does nothing to dispel this either.  The decals are sublime and the finish is absolutely spot on - not too glossy and not too flat. Lovely little touches like the wording around the fuel cap and the roof opening catch really finish this off superbly, as do the rivets to the rear wheel flaps.

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The body shape is perfectly replicated and the stance looks totally correct. Although the canopy doesn't open (it's a resincast), it is still possible to view the interior and DNA has really gone to town on the detail here too. The seats look very realistic and the detail on the instruments is wonderful.

We feel it's a real winner and, I think, completely worthy of my Editor's Choice award this month. Thank you DNA!