Beautiful things come in small packages from Solido

25 June 2020
Solido 1993 Renault Twingo MK1 - Green Coriander
Beautiful things come in small packages from Solido Images

PRICE: £45.99
REF: 1804001
SCALE: 1/18

Unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in October 1992, the Twingo was officially marketed from April 1993 - the two-door, front-engined Twingo lasted in its Mk1 guise until 2007. In total there were over 2.6 million units of the first generation Twingo produced.

It was launched with only one trim level, and four exterior colours - Coral Red, Indian Yellow, Overseas Blue, and the Coriander Green that you see modelled here. Only ever sold as a left-hand-drive model, the name Twingo is reportedly a portmanteau of the words twist, swing and tango.

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Always playing on its cute and quirky appeal, the Twingo has been a huge success for its French manufacturer. Solido's release of this super fun automobile picks up on all the features that made this little runabout so appealing. The compact design of the car carries on through into the interior, with its nicely-recreated and centre-mounted equipment console.

The funky Coriander Green paintwork is wonderfully reproduced and finished, and the minimalist badging is spot on too - even the dealer supplied stickers on the rear window are there.

Overall, it's such a realistic-looking model that you have to look closely at the photos to check that it's really scaled down. Top job, Solido - and now I want to go and buy a real one too!