Be quick off the mark and get some super stylish engineering from Solido

25 April 2023
Solido 1990 ALPINA B6 3.5S Blue
Be quick off the mark and get some super stylish engineering from Solido Images

PRICE: £55.99
REF NO: 1801520
SCALE: 1/18

Alpina Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH + Co. KG, founded in 1965, is a family-owned, medium-sized company and still headed by Burkard Bovensiepen,  but now with his sons, Andreas and Florian. The engineering and the production of high-end automobiles based on BMW models is the core of the company's business. ALPINA creates exclusive automobiles for a small circle of connoisseurs who appreciate the extraordinary in terms of automotive enjoyment. Tradition and authenticity are important values of the brand.

Every single BMW ALPINA is fitted with an individual production plaque in the interior along with an ALPINA specific VIN, which classifies the car as a product made by an officially registered automotive manufacturer.

Daily logistic transports to the BMW factories ensure a flawless material flow for the production process, which is finely coordinated with BMW. Sales are organised exclusively via BMW dealerships and importers. This partnership is unique throughout the automotive industry.

Solido's new replica of the BMW E30-based B6 represents a 1990 car, which features a 3.5-litre straight six powerplant that produces around 250 bhp. Being rear-wheel-drive, this really makes it fun to drive and you definitely get that impression from this replica.

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The subtle ALPINA styling cues are everywhere. The most obvious, at first glance, are the famous side stripes. But look a little closer and you'll see the bulging wings housing the super stylish wheel rims, which are exquisitely replicated, of course.

Both bumpers, front and rear, have been remodelled and feature a sporty lower lip at either end of the car, with that at the front wearing yet more of the subtle striping. The cars origins are fully on display too, a mark of the partnership between the two companies, with the iconic BMW roundel proudly adorning the bonnet, front and centre, and the middle line of the boot lid. The latter is flanked by further badging to remind you that this is no ordinary Beemer.

Finished all over in this sublime shade of dark metallic blue, this model oozes all the style of the real thing. And the paintwork is fabulous on this wonderfully eye catching model.

Moving to the interior now, with a great view afforded by the opening doors on both sides of the model, yet more understated elegance is evident. There are neither shouty colours nor gaudy striping to be seen, just the very finest of embellishments to the cloth of the seats. The dashboard is packed with instrumentation too. This is a real beauty from Solido - don't miss it!