Bburago's brace of 2021 F1 Ferraris makes for a great team off the track too

25 March 2022
Bburago F1 2021 SF21 Ferrari - Charles Leclerc (#16) and Carlos Sainz Jr. (#55)
Bburago's brace of 2021 F1 Ferraris makes for a great team off the track too Images

PRICE: £74.99 each
REF: B18-16809L (Leclerc) & B18-16809S (Sainz)
SCALE: 1/18

Ferrari's 2021 season SF21 was designed as an evolution of its predecessor, the SF1000.The team's Head of Chassis Design, Enrico Cardile, said that the aerodynamics on the SF21 underwent a "radical" revision with two goals in mind given that the 2021 rules cut downforce around the car's floor and rear wheels.

Having made its debut in Bahrain, development of the car ended after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, as Ferrari switched its attention to the car's successor.

Now available in 1/18 scale too, in addition to the 1/43 scale version reviewed in the March issue, these larger-scale versions come with more detail, of course. Bburago's brace of beauties proudly wear Ferrari's famous racing red in a matt finish, and the body graphics are all there, plus the 'hand-painted-look' race numbers. Detailing is very good and the models represent excellent value, with driver figures included.

The graphics on both Leclerc's and Sainz's helmets are simply stunning. The same can be said for the various sponsor logos that adorn the car - the edges are beautifully crisp.

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The body is diecast and the front and rear wings, undertray and suspension components are moulded plastic. The finishing touch is the very realistic feel and look of the Pirelli tyres, with markings denoting tyre type correctly replicated and placed too. Suspension detail is good and the incredibly complex wing elements are well represented.

Don't just buy one, why not splash out and get both? They look absolutely superb 'racing' together, don't you think?