Automodello's stylish Delahaye means there'll be no tears from this Teardrop

22 February 2021
Automodello 1937 Delahaye 135MS Figoni & Falaschi Coupe
Automodello's stylish Delahaye means there'll be no tears from this Teardrop Images

This is the third car modelled in 1/24 scale by Automodello from the Sam Mann Collection in the USA. It is the 1937 135 MS Coupe bodied by Figoni & Falaschi, well-known for flamboyant streamlined coachwork on exotic chassis.

The 135 MS was the most sporting version of the 135 series, introduced by Delahaye in 1935. The 135s had a shorter wheelbase than other Delahayes, the M and MS had a larger 3557cc 6-cylinder engine and, for the MS, this was uprated to give some 160 bhp, which translated to a true 100 mph performance. It was famous in its day as a competition car, winning the 1938 Le Mans 24 Hours, the 1937 Monte Carlo Rally and the Australian Grand Prix in 1949.

The car modelled is a road version, with wonderful streamlined coachwork, the flowing lines of which could only be by Figoni & Falaschi. The sleek teardrop shape is a joy to behold, and the rear wings echo the shape of the fronts, and the lines of the cockpit, with its rear-hinged doors, emphasise the overall impression. Plated running boards flow neatly into the wings, and the curved boot with its plated trim strip completes the line.

All of this is modelled to perfection in the new release from Automodello, which is well up to its usual high standards of workmanship and finish. The resin mouldings are fine and smooth, and the finish, in the authentic Aubergine of the original, is flawless. The plated fittings, again finished to a high standard, include the grille, the lights front and rear, the bonnet and boot trim, the large side louvres, and those running boards, as well as the smaller parts - door and bonnet handles etc. The grille is neatly blackwashed and the lights all have clear lenses of course. There is a fantail exhaust, the wheels are finely-plated, and the whitewall tyres complete the overall impression of a magnificently restored classic.

The interior is in Pale Grey, and all the details can clearly be seen, as the driver’s window has been left open. The large steering wheel, with the lever and gate for the Cotal gearbox, dominates the dashboard, and all the dials and switches are there on the fascia, the colour of which matches the rest of the interior. The fascia surround and door cappings are in wood-effect, the cushioned bench seat is well-done and the internal door handles and window winders are plated.

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The standard version of is this one in Aubergine. There is also a 'Tribute' edition of just 37 pieces, in Pale Blue Metallic, and, to commemorate Automodello’s 10 years of production, a further 'Anniversary' edition of 43 examples, in Metallic Light Green, at around £320.00 and £350.00 respectively.