Automodello's Mustang concept is really worth ponying up for!

09 January 2019
Automodello-963-Ford-Mustang-II-Concept-1-84196.jpg Automodello 963 Ford Mustang II Concept
Automodello's 1963 Ford Mustang II Concept
Automodello's Mustang concept is really worth ponying up for! Images

Automodello 963 Ford Mustang II Concept

SCALE: 1/24
PRICE: £195.00
REF NO: 24F040

Ford’s Mustang is little short of iconic in American motoring history and it coined the generic term, “pony car”. Launched in April 1964, it was popular from the outset, combining the image of a sports car with all the practicality of a compact sedan.

During its development however Ford had a problem. The original Mustang I Concept (also modelled by Automodello, though unfortunately sold out) was a 2-seater mid-engined gem with independent suspension all round and a virtually unique V4 engine, from the German Taunus. It had generated great public interest, but Ford needed to rein that back, towards something more feasible for production.

By 1963, the production planning for the Mustang was well under way, the go-ahead being given for the car, but as something altogether less radical, and to be based on Ford Falcon mechanicals. The Mustang II was therefore created, and was based on a pre-production prototype for the new car, but with unique front and rear styling, removable hardtop and a large V8 engine.

Making its debut in Autumn 1963, the Mustang II did the rounds of the motor shows etc and did a great job in, managing the expectations of the buying public, and in readying the market for the production car’s launch the following spring.

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Automodello has created a wonderful model in resin, so there are no opening parts, and the detail inside and out is to its usual exceptional standards, as is the moulding quality and paint finish.

Automodello has also made a run of 50 'Tribute' models in red with white stripe, though around £75.00 more expensive.

Overall, a fine replica that is sure to sell out quickly.