Aston's super stylish DB5 convertible is destined to be a cult classic

19 April 2022
Cult Models 1964 Aston Martin DB5 DHC - Blue Metallic
Aston's super stylish DB5 convertible is destined to be a cult classic Images

PRICE: £204.99 
REF NO: CML059-1
SCALE: 1/18

The Aston Martin DB5 is easily one of the most recognisable cars in the world. Released in 1963, it was an evolution of the final series of the company's DB4 (Series V). With a body designed by the Italian coach builder, Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, the DB5's status as a motoring icon was cemented with the car's appearance in a certain James Bond movie, Goldfinger, and its subsequent immortalisation as a Corgi Toys release.

The convertible 'Drop Head Coupe' was introduced shortly before the film's release, and a total of 123 would be made before the DB5 was replaced by the DB6 in 1965. Of these 123, only 19 were manufactured as left-hand-drive, so 104 were as modelled here, in that respect.

Described as “extremely elegant and completely practical,” the convertible lacked none of the successful features of the saloon. Priced at £4,490 in 1964, the convertible cost well above the average house price of the time, assuring that only a privileged few were able to afford one. The epitome of British elegance and class, celebrities snapped them up – Peter Sellers, Beryl Reid, and even HRH Princess Margaret could be spotted in a DB5 convertible.

The passing decades have only added to the allure of the DB5. With continued cameos in the most recent James Bond blockbusters, the DB5 has become more than just an accessory and is now afforded as much attention as the stars of the films themselves. Far from being the car driven by ageing British gentlemen, the DB5 convertible has been the mainstay of young thirty-something stars, and easily drops jaws wherever it is seen.

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Cult Models has been producing sumptuous resincast 1/18 scale replicas for several years now, and its focus on classic British machinery has rightfully earnt the company an excellent reputation for both the accuracy and quality of its models. The choice of the DB5 DHC was an inspired one, as we can now fully appreciate the interior of this most classic of British automobiles and adds to Cult's impressive range of Aston Martins. The company has previously modelled both the DB5's predecessor and successor (DB4 and DB6 respectively, of course), and these are all in addition to the 1968 DBS, 1985 Lagonda, 1978 V8 Volante, 1986 Zagato, 1987 Zagato spyder, 1988 Virage, and 1955 DB2-4. This 1964 DB5 DHC is also available in maroon (CML059-2) and the DB5 has also been modelled by Cult as the 1964 Harold Radford Shooting Brake. Quite the line up!

The model is exquisitely-replicated throughout, with nothing missed from the interior, and a sublime finish to the paintwork. The finesse to the chromework and the wire wheels is top notch too. Particular praise is reserved for  the realistic look of the hood cover and seating.