Arm yourself with Corgi's latest retro Bond DB5

08 December 2021
Corgi James Bond DB5 261 Goldfinger - 1960s version

PRICE: £27.49
REF: RT26101
SCALE: 1/46

Indisputably the most famous Corgi product release of all time, the original1960s No 261 version of the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger was a feature-packed replica worthy of Q Branch.

Featuring rotating number plates, a retractable bullet proof rear shield, extending front over-riders, pop-out machine guns, and, of course, a functioning passenger ejector seat, complete with ejectable baddie, this new version of the all-time classic model has now been produced in a replica of the original packaging from that very first 1965 Corgi release, including a set of instructions hidden in a secret compartment, complete with sticker, just like the original release. Both an iconic car and an iconic toy, the new 1960s James Bond DB5 is a very appealing replica of the original classic.

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Collectors have been torn, since Corgi released this version of the DB5 in 2015, with some unhappy with the simplified grille shape and over-engineered number plate surround, but what nobody can be disappointed in is the superb box recreation for this release - it looks simply stunning. And yes, I've even put my original (boxless) No 261 version on the plinth and, despite being a tiny bit smaller than this new version, it does look so good!

Slight gripes with this are that the functions don't work as well as the original, and there is only one baddie, but given that this is a collectable and not really a toy this time, it displays really well. Worth it for the box alone.We totally love it!