Amazing memories evoked by Solido's latest Le Mans car

03 August 2021
Solido Porsche 936/81 - 1981 Le Mans 24 Hours winner - Jacky Ickx & Derek Bel
Amazing memories evoked by Solido's latest Le Mans car Images

PRICE: £59.99
REF: S1805602
SCALE: 1/18

There was no competition for the Editor's Choice accolade this month. And I make no apologies for that, despite it being largely for personal reasons.

You see, 1981 was the first year I went to the great race and it started on my 17th birthday (probably the best present I have ever bought myself!). This was the winning car by some margin and I have incredible memories of a top weekend with Dad and two of my school chums.

Onto the model itself, to be honest, it is worthy of winning the award even without my personal input. The attention to detail, especially with the placement of the surprisingly complex graphics is excellent.

The body shape is, of course, still excellent (one of the 1978 Martini-sponsored cars was released a few months ago) and the trims to the wheels are very good (much more accurate than their treament on the Porsche 956 models out at the moment).

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The level of detail in the cockpit is really very good too, especially taking into account the excellent value this price represents. The body is diecast mounted on a plastic base, and this combination gives the model good balance in the hand, without being too heavy to hold comfortably.

The real car still survives in the custodianship of the Porsche Museum, although sadly it wasn't on display when I went there in 2019. Not having seen the car in the 40 years since that race win, I guess I'll just have to go back at some point.

In the meantime, this lovely model is more than enough compensation and I already have it in pride of place in my 1/18 Le Mans Porsches cabinet.

Thank you for Solido, I have been waiting a very long time for this.