A trio of sport specials from Mini GT

27 July 2021
Mini GT Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II #5 Berlin 1992 DTM Zolder (LHD), Toyota TRD 3000GT Alpine Silver Metallic (LHD), Pandem Toyota GR Supra V1.0 Advan SEMA 2019 (LHD)

PRICE: Mercedes-Benz 190E £14.00; Toyota TRD 3000GT & Pandem Toyota Supra £12.59 each
REF: MGT00196 (Mercedes-Benz 190E); MGT00200 (Toyota TRD 3000GT), MGT00207 (Pandem Toyota Supra)
SCALE: 1/64

The releases from Mini GT keep coming thick and fast and, as you might have gathered, we are big fans of the miniature marvels at DC Towers. At 1/64 scale, you can certainly fit an awful lot more in your display cabinet and, with the amount of detail incorporated, there is still plenty to look at and enjoy.

The range is growing all the time, although we only tend to select one each month. There are many more. So onto the three selected here. As always, the bodies are diecast, as are the baseplates, and the interiors are moulded plastic.  

It really is worth taking a few moments to unscrew the bases on these beauties to fully appreciate the seldom-seen interior - such is the work that goes into these models. So for this price, they represent excellent value, with plenty of detail for your buck(s).

So, looking at the image here, we'll start with the beautifully understated Toyota TRD (TRD = Toyota Racing Developments) 3000GT. The plain silver paint job seems to distract from the serious-looking front air dam intake and the bonnet ducts - details that might giveaway the true nature of the beast lurking beneath. Somehow, the silver lulls you into a false sense of security. Maybe that's the idea. It certainly makes for a stunning model.

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The Advan-sponsored Supra next to it is an entirely different prospect - we are left in no doubt as to the purpose of this machine. And that signature black and red livery just makes it look all the more menacing.

Then there are the classic looks of the nearly 30-year-old 190E, dressed in a special DTM livery. Just look at those wheels! They're all incredibly desirable.

Released at the same time - but not shown here - is a superb 5-inch (125mm) battery-powered, mirror-finish Mini GT-branded turntable that spins slowly to add some drama to your display of these mighty micro models. With product No AC12, it is priced at £19.95. A Liberty Walk non-mirrored version is also available, No AC14, at the same price.