A powerful pony

25 January 2022
We take a look at one of GT Spirit’s latest takes on American muscle cars
A powerful pony Images

Unboxing GT Spirit’s recently-released 1/18 resincast Mach 1 (GT 351) reveals the model finished in sumptuous, flawless deep red paintwork. Authentically-detailed, it features trim that pays homage to the original 1969 Mustang Mach 1. Externally, this includes the black bonnet centre panel, side lines and Mach 1 badging, whilst internally includes the immediately noticeable spherical ‘ivory’ gearshift knob.

At the tail end, the two sets of large diameter, chrome-trimmed twin exhaust pipes are a reminder that the current Mach 1 is powered by a 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine, delivering 454bhp, enabling a declared top speed of 166mph and 0-62mph acceleration of 4.8 seconds. Although by current European standards, these statistics aren’t particularly earth-shattering, the Mustang Mach 1 is nevertheless still a pretty powerful pony and epitomises contemporary American muscle cars. In historical terms, time will tell, but currently it looks as if this may be the swansong of the powerful petrol engined Mustangs as Ford, like many other manufacturers, increasingly looks towards electric propulsion. For UK buyers, incidentally, the Mach 1’s place in the new car market is clearly assigned by the list price of upwards of £55k.

To European eyes, Stateside automotive styling has moved on a long way from the succession of bland and ostentatiously bling-laden eras of the twentieth century. Although, at first glance, the current Mustang’s body style appears fairly predictable, closer examination shows that it comprises numerous compound curves and diverging/converging lines, made even more complex by the flared wide-style wheel arches. GT Spirit has captured all of these facets of the styling in a clean way, with neat insertion of detailing. As with the Focus RS reviewed opposite, this is particularly evident at the front and tail ends in the side marker lights, LED dominated headlights, reversing light and classic Mustang evoking tail lights. The iconic Mustang radiator grille badging continues its long tradition now set in a rather intimidating looking frontal styling grille and spoiler arrangement that totally merges ultra modern with a twist of past generations. Scale modelled representation of which begs some close inspection to fully appreciate the detail that has been incorporated in it.

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A heavyweight model - both in terms of resin bulk and intensity of subject portrayal - it sits well on its large, black alloys exuding an impatience to be unleashed and out on the track or inter-state highway.