A perfect Pug

13 June 2023
The Peugeot 205 was credited by many as a turning point in the company’s fortunes
A perfect Pug Images

Solido’s coverage of the Peugeot 205, with 1/18 diecasts in street and rally guise, is already extensive, but this latest limited edition version is certainly one of the most desirable. In GTi form, the 205 has a place in automotive production history as one of the foremost and most popular hot hatchbacks of the eighties.

Solido’s standard catalogue currently still includes the charismatic 1988 1.9 GTi in red, first released in 2019 (S1801702), which was joined in 2021 by the equally popular image of it in white (S1801710). As ‘must have’ models, these are now joined by the ultimate version with the lioness showing her claws.

Solido Peugeot 205 ‘Griffe’ - 1992 (S1801712)

With an undercurrent theme this month of metallic turquoise paintwork, comes this limited edition model of the limited production run ‘Griffe’ - the ultimate version 205 GTi, of which just over 1,650 identical examples were manufactured by Peugeot.

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Unmistakable its exclusive bright 'Vert Fluorite’ paintwork, with grey alloy rims having grey finished centres surrounded with silver, this was a special edition of the 205 GTi sold in France, Germany and the Netherlands. With absolute top spec trim that included all the orderable factory options at that time, save for air-conditioning, combined with its unique colour and detailing, the ‘Griffe’ was inspired by a one-off. When Jean Todt was appointed director of Peugeot Talbot Sport in 1981 - a position he held for over a decade before joining Scuderia Ferrari in 1994 - he wanted a Peugeot 205 GTI in a special colour as a company car. That car became the origin of the ‘Griffe’ package.

Solido’s offering authentically replicates the complete ‘Griffe’ package superbly, thanks to two factors. Firstly, Solido’s base model, captures the 205 very well with some good detailing including the black plastic aerial, wiper arms from and back, separate inset light units and well-defined badging to radiator grille and tailgate. Secondly the “Griffe’ specific detailing including, of course, that dramatic 'Vert Fluorite’ metallic paint finish and “Griffe’ logo embellishments. The rendering of the two tone rims is a super finishing touch.

Combining both these factors, my closing comment has to be about the satin black detailing that encompasses the bumper caps, wheel arch trims and bodyside side trims. These have such clean, well defined, edge lines that they really do ‘lift’ the overall visual impact of Solido’s 205 GTi models. Yes this lioness really has got her claws into me with this one – it demands to sit alongside the classic rouge and blanche versions for a perfect Pug showcase display.