A Bentley GT, Lambo SUV and a whole lot of parking from Mini GT

21 April 2021
Mini GT Bentley Continental GT and Lamborghini Urus, with a roof box Parking Lot Pad
A Bentley GT, Lambo SUV and a whole lot of parking from Mini GT Images

PRICE: £12.59 (Bentley), £14.39 (Lamborghini), £8.99 (Parking Lot Pad)
REF: MGT00116-R (Bentley), MGT00172-L (Lamborghini), MGTAC11 (Parking Lot Pad)
SCALE: 1/64

Mini GT has very quickly cornered itself a huge percentage of the fast-growing 1/64 scale market. With its marvellous attention to detail (never easy at this scale), the models represent great value, and feature realistic rubber tyres and authentic colours.

Starting with the Bentley GT, for a design that is effectively 20 years old (launched in 2003, but several years in the making before that), it still looks absolutely stunning. Mini GT has already released several versions of this casting, in a variety of colours and trim, but there is something super stylish about the Orange Flame paintwork on this example. The racing versions are just as attractive (see review below), but the uncluttered lines of the original design are just so appealing - even more so in this colour, we think.

Moving onto the Lamborghini Urus, it's the latest use of parent company Volkswagen Group's platform, this time with the bodywork wearing the famous raging bull of the Italian marque. The underpinnings are shared by the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, Volkswagen Touareg, and Bentley Bentayga.

The sumptuous Eleos Blue paint job on this new casting from Mini GT is very pleasing indeed. The addition of the roof-mounted top box really adds something a bit special to this car too.

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Both models have a nicely replicated interior. It's actually difficult to see into the cars with the naked eye, but Mini GT's replicas are easy enough to take apart if you'd like to see for yourself - just two small screws in the base secure everything together.

The second release (Type B)of the parking lot pad - a flexible foam backed affair, very similar to a mouse mat - is exactly the same size as Type A (40cm x 25cm), and this version allows 14 cars to be 'parked', plus others in the driving lane.

Yet more superb releases from Mini GT.