Tecnomodel's colourful Group C Porsche 962c

05 May 2023
Tecnomodel Porsche 962C Le Mans 1991 #17 Larrauri/Pareja/Brun
Tecnomodel's colourful Group C Porsche 962c Images

PRICE: £278.99
REF NO: TEC 18271B
SCALE: 1/18

When we saw this model on display in the Tecnomodel booth at the recent Spielwarenmesse, in Nuremberg, it was instantly admired (see Diecast Collector April issue). Now, with the chance to get our hands on this for close-up inspection, we were not going to pass up this opportunity.

Porsche's 962 was a development of the company's incredibly successful 956. When the latter was launched, it couldn't race in the USA due to the driver's feet being ahead of the axle line, so Porsche designed the 962 so that the car could race there too. The design then evolved further and became the 956's replacement in Europe too, being designated the 962C for racing under Group C regulations. The particular chassis that is modelled here, #177, only raced in these colours on this occasion, making this a unique example.

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The finish on this model is absolutely astonishing with the shade of blue perfectly captured (the 1991 colour was lighter than that of the team's 1990 entry - and Tecnomodel hasn't missed that detail). Add to that the graphics of the colourful Repsol livery and, to coin a very well-worn phrase when it comes to racing cars, it makes for a real winner.

As a resincast, this is a sealed model, but even without the ability to open the doors or rear deck to inspect the interior detail up close, you can still see that the detail is there and hasn't really been scrimped on. When you've finished with the bodywork and the interior, spend some time inspecting those split-rim wheels - the detail and finish is really top notch.

Mounted on the usual, stylish plinth - the norm from Tecnomodel - it's easy to see that this is a worthy award this month.