Succumb to DNA's Swedish temptation and choose from three super Saabs

23 March 2021
DNA Collectibles 2005 Saab 9-5 Sportcombi Aero
Succumb to DNA's Swedish temptation and choose from three super Saabs Images

PRICE: £150.99 each
REF NO: DNA000058 (Steel Grey Metallic), DNA000065 (Cosmic Blue), 
DNA000075 (Laser Red)
SCALE: 1/18

What you see here represents a first for DNA Collectibles, with three different colour options being produced together for the first time. The Saab brand has proven to be a great success story for the passionate Swiss model makers, and this exquisite trio is sure to continue that trend.

The decision to produce three colour versions was largely borne out of the company's enthusiastic and engaging social media following. DNA has developed the great habit of consulting its online followers when it comes to colour choice, and this time there was an almost three way tie, so the team decided to go for them all! A wise decision.

Finished in Steel Grey Metallic (DNA000058), Cosmic Blue (DNA000065) and Laser Red (DNA000075), each model is sumptuously finished with flawless paintwork, incredibly realistic alloy wheels, and a bevy of beautiful detailing that really adds to the incredibly realistic appearance of these resincast masterpieces.

Focusing on the exterior, DNA decided to add the rear roof-mounted spoiler after it was expressly requested by the online community. The company also accessorised the model with both the sun roof and roof rail options. To bring even more realism, DNA has taken great care to faithfully apply realistic badging all around the car - the Saab logo front and back, the "95" and “Aero” logos on the tailgate, and the “Saab” badge on the front grille. Then of course there are the headlights and fog lamps, in which you can actually see the bulbs. Astonishing.

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The factory-fitted alloy wheels are perfectly recreated with the right finish, right down to the wheel nuts, central badge and even the valve and cap. These have then been fitted with very realistic, treaded rubber tyres.

Moving inside, we now turn our attention to the interior. The black & grey bi-coloured leather effect really adds a high end finish. The dashboard and console are incredible as well - both crammed with tiny detailing of the highest order. And then there are the photo-etched integrated speakers that look so real, the steering wheel, the gear lever, the mirrors, the door handles and the classic Saab headrests.

Just 320 of each colour have been made, and at just £150.99 each, these won't hang around for long, so head on over to the company's stylish website and make your choice - or why not go for all three?