Solido release Seventies-style Porsche perfection

23 December 2019
Solido 1977 Porsche 911 (930) 3.2 Carrera - bronze
Solido release Seventies-style Porsche perfection Images

PRICE: £45.99
REF: S1802602
SCALE: 1/18

Looking  oh so good for a car that was released over 40 years ago, fast approaching 60 years if you go back to the first 911 design, Solido's replication of Porsche's almost timeless classic is really rather special. 

That ever so subtle shade of colour (officially called "bronze" but it looks more like a champagne gold) is simply gorgeous and is perfectly applied all over, really adding to the effect.

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Being a diecast, Solido has been able to model the 911 with opening doors and succumbing to temptation reveals a very good interior with incredibly realistic looking seats and an excellent dashboard, 'fitted' with all the right instruments that have been lovingly recreated. The steering wheel has a finesse about it that looks totally to scale and in proportion as well.

Turning our attention to the exterior and, apart from the paint job that we've already touched on, it really is a superb effort from the team at Solido. All the details are there with the rims to those famous headlights picked out well and the impact bumpers are correct too - just look at the lovely detail to the ribs on the rubber absorption buffers. The integrated indicators look spot on too. Those iconic Fuchs wheels are an absolute joy, complete with wheel nuts and Porsche emblems of course.

Moving to the rear of the car, that much-admired tail end is sublime, with the engine cover vent and rear light lenses all fabulously recreated too.

It's a top notch effort by Solido and truly incredible value, definitely worthy of inclusion in any sports car enthusiast's collection.