DNA's Ocean Race Volvo is very special indeed

06 November 2020
DNA Collectibles 2018 Volvo V90 Cross Country 'Ocean Race' - Crystal White
DNA's Ocean Race Volvo is very special indeed Images

PRICE: £160.00
REF: DNA000043
SCALE: 1/18

Inspired by a famous sailboat race, the Volvo V90 Cross Country Ocean Race is a luxurious, yet very practical, all-terrain car. Luxurious because of its interior space, comfort and materials used. Practical because of its many smart accessories, like the waterproof floor, the clever storage, or its detachable torch mounted in the boot. The combination of the Crystal White paint with the Flare Orange accents to the bottom lip of the front looks gorgeous, and can be found only on this Volvo car.

The removable roof box, the exquisitely engraved lights and precise Volvo logo are all examples of DNA Collectibles dedication to detail. Look closely at the headlights and, in addition to all the led lights DNA has even engraved "Volvo" on the exterior to make them as accurate as the real car.

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The exterior finish to the perfectly replicated body shape is absolutely superb and the Crystal White paintwork is totally flawless, set off nicely by  the pale grey trim.

Now let's have a look on the interior. DNA's signature detailing is everywhere - the dashboard and central console are amazingly realistic. The interior door handles, the gear lever, the paddles and the steering wheel are separate parts, some of which are photo-etched. These and the carbon fibre decorations have been applied hand in the factory.

Yet another exquisite replica from the passionate team at DNA Collectibles. Limited to 320 pieces, set sail to get one right away!