993 GTs on road and track

03 November 2022
Reflecting on the near quarter of a century since the last air-cooled Porsche 911 generation bowed out
993 GTs on road and track Images

It’s already six months since I reviewed GT Spirit’s 911(993) Targa in the June issue of Diecast Collector (buy a digital copy here), and high time that I took a look a pair of subsequently released catalogue companion 993s. A pair, incidentally, that, once again, make perfect display companions on account of representing both road and track variations on a theme.

In this case, the theme is that of 993s from 1996 and therefore from roughly the mid-point of the last air-cooled 911’s production run, which ended in 1998. Common to both are the full bodykit additions, including (ultra) widebody flared wheel arches and special bumper panels front and back. These for the nose section included a sculptured chin spoiler. So, whilst externally the bodies of the pair are outwardly very similar, a closer look quickly reveals significant differences in the tail spoilers and engine lid louvres, and then quite a few more.

GT Spirit 3.8 RSR (GT366)

Starting with the RSR intended for motorsport participation, the stunning Guards Red paintwork is complemented by the stripped-out red interior. Dominated by the tubular framework of the roll cage, the minimalist interior appointments are highlighted by austere black fittings, including the single, drivers seat with its contrasting red full harness. As one would anticipate, external evidence of the necessary motorsport safety modifications and fittings are similarly fully and authentically detailed.

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GT Spirit 911 GT (GT860)

From a visual point of view - and particularly with display in mind - this street version of the 993 makes a striking companion to the RSR thanks to it rather unusual paint and upholstery combination of Coppa Florio Blue and red respectively. The latter being a sumptuous full spec interior that makes a striking foil to the RSR’s bare cabin.

Reinforcing the visual magnetism of the pair, when set alongside each other, is the fact both stand on highly polished brightwork wheel rims with contrasting centres. Whilst the RSR sports these in gold, the GT carries examples finished in a matching body colour. We regularly praise the quality of the paint finish on GT Spirit models, but this pair seem to excel in this respect. The high gloss of their paintwork seems somehow further enhanced by the vibrance of the brightwork wheel rims, the flatness of the respective red interior surfaces and, in the case of the GT, simply by virtue of its unorthodox colour combination.

Between them, this pair illustrate, in a beautifully modelled, very high gloss way, the peak of the air-cooled 911 story in terms of road and track performance, and, at the same time, its swan song.