Visiting the Brighton Toy and Model Museum

27 November 2014
imports_CCGB_dsc-0295_96994.jpg Visiting the Brighton Toy and Model Museum
Take a look round one of the UK's best toy museums. ...
Visiting the Brighton Toy and Model Museum Images
Over the past few years we’ve highlighted a number of different museums up and down the country. Each has their unique highlights, such as a large collection of robots at the House on the Hill Toy Museum or displays based on their location, like the Blackpool trams exhibition at Brooks Collectables in, you guessed it, Blackpool. However, a while back we finally got to visit perhaps the best toy museum in the UK: Brighton Toy and Model Museum.

Upon entering the museum, there’s a small area that’s free to browse and there are some old-fashioned toys to buy. Heading into the museum itself it’s a case of “where do I look first” because the iconic arches of the building are crammed with superb collections. One of the best is most certainly the wonderful case of Corgi Toys, many of which are in mint condition.

This particular display is curated by Wallis & Wallis’ Glenn Butler who is an avid Corgi collector and is always looking to add increasingly rare pieces to the exhibition. For many it’ll be the only time they get to see such scarce models. Opposite the Corgis is an equally impressive Dinky Toys cabinet, neighbouring a super Spot-On diorama. For a diecast collector, it’s almost worth paying the admission price to just see these unparalleled exhibitions.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, as the centre of the museum is taken up by a grand O gauge model railway layout, featuring many of the locomotives that Chris has fixed in his workshop. These throwbacks to the early days of model railways are incredibly impressive and, although the layout isn’t running every day, when you do see them chuffing around the track, it’s a spectacular sight. What’s more, if OO gauge is more you’re thing, then there’s a an equally delightful OO layout featuring the famous Brighton Belle… which seems very apt.

If you’re only going to visit one museum in 2015, then make sure it’s the Brighton Toy Museum because this is a jewel in the country’s collecting crown. In the meantime take a look at the selection of pictures below to get an idea of the great exhibitions on display in Brighton.

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