Vintage and Collectable Board and Table Top Games book review

15 May 2013
imports_CCGB_price-guide-book_29549.jpg Vintage and Collectable Board and Table Top Games book review
Our thoughts on the comprehensive price guide by Alan Goldsmith. ...
We’ve been sent a fascinating book recently detailing the values of a huge range of classic board games. Written by Alan Goldsmith the Vintage & Collectable Board and Table Top Games Volume One is a limited edition book packed with more than 900 board and card games, spread over 312 pages.

Not only is the book a useful guide for collectors, it’s also fascinating to see the superb artwork on the board games. Some of the more interesting games are the Growling Tiger made by Wells & co. Ltd in the 1950s, which features a fierce looking big cat and revolver; the wonderful Rockets Away with its great 50s sci-fi spaceman and, our personal favourite, the long forgotten Star Wars Adventures of R2-D2 Game which makes it quite clear that “reading and counting not required for play”.

Alan is certainly well placed to know his stuff when it comes to collectables because he is the owner and curator of the House on the Hill Toy Museum in Essex. Alan’s passion for toys was ignited with the purchase of a small toy train when he was just seven. From that moment on he was hooked, over the years he has amassed an amazing collection of toys from every corner of the world dating from Roman times – simple wooden dolls – up to the 1980s when modern technology in games took off with computerisation.

His collection became so vast that he decided to open the now world famous toy museum in 1991 to the public for all to enjoy. Since Alan first opened the doors there have been more than 2.5 million visitors with many returning time after time as there is so much to take in. The House on the Hill Toy Museum has more than 70,000 individual toys on display ranging from humble homemade toys, Victorian toys when they were mainly only purchased by the rich to the emergence of modern technology during the 1970s and 1980s.

If you’re interested in buying the book, check the website or call 01279 813237.

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