The latest topless beauty from DNA Collectibles

19 April 2022
Another exquisite 1/18 scale resincast offering of sublime Swedish automotive design.

That incredibly talented team of car enthusiasts from Switzerland has done it again, with yet another exquisite 1/18 scale resincast offering of sublime Swedish automotive design.

The latest in a long line of Saab releases (and there are still plenty more to come) is the 2005 second generation 9-3 Convertible in Aero trim. Released in three stunning colour combinations, each is a limited edition of just 399 pieces, and perfect for the summer weather - they can be displayed with the top down or up, a switch that takes a matter of seconds.

The Saab 9-3 (pronounced “nine three” so as to not confuse it with the earlier, late 1950s model 93, pronounced “ninety three") was manufactured in three different generations by three different company owners during its lifetime (GM, Spyker and NEVS). This is the second generation version, which is fast becoming a classic car.

The turbocharged Aero convertible came with a low, sport-tuned chassis and featured an exterior body kit, along with 17-inch wheels, and tyre pressure monitoring. The models also came fitted with a 300W, 13-speaker sound system, and leather-appointed seats. Other accessories included rain-sensing wipers, rear parking support, a six-disc CD changer, and a leather steering wheel. Optional accessories included heated seats and Xenon HID headlamps with washers.

Available in either Black, Chili Red Metallic or Lime Yellow Metallic, as shown above, the interior colour varies depending on the choice of body colour. Each model is sumptuously finished, with flawless paintwork, incredibly realistic alloy wheels, and a bevvy of beautiful detailing that really adds to the incredibly realistic appearance.

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Focusing on the exterior, and in addition to the exquisite paintwork, DNA has taken great care to faithfully apply realistic badging all around the car. Then of course there are the headlights and fog lamps, in which you can actually see the bulbs.

The factory-fitted alloy wheels are perfectly recreated with the correct finish, right down to the wheel nuts, central badge and even the valve and its dust cap. These have then been fitted with very realistic, treaded rubber tyres.

The interior, easily visible with the optional 'hood up' part removed, is sumptuously appointed and the detail to the dashboard is astonishing, with the seating just as impressive.

For more information, and to order, the DNA Collectibles website can be found at Alternatively, get in touch with your preferred DNA stockist.