Spencer Smith Miniatures Launches Little Britons

15 January 2013
imports_CCGB_db-lb112_93397.jpg Spencer Smith Miniatures Launches Little Britons
Toy figures inspired by the British Home Service available to order now. ...

Spencer Smith Miniatures has been in touch to let us know about its brand new range of toy figures named ‘Little Britons’. Inspired by a conversation with designer Marc Copplestone and a re-reading of The Great War in England in 1897 by William Le Queux, Peter Johnson has spent the past three years crafting this latest series.

They’re inspired because they are little (42mm) and are inspired by the British Home Service, while also being a homage to larger Britains hollow cast toy soldiers from the beginning of the 20th century, as featured in H. G. Wells’ book Little Wars.

The miniatures follow the same basic format as the Shiny Toy Soldiers ranges – being a torso with a choice of heads/arms or just arms – but now the cavalry horse and riders are one piece, with a choice of arm/head, plus a holstered carbine and sword in scabbard.

All the fittings for Little Britons are the same as those on the other Shiny soldiers (2.5mm) so as well as pitting the British Home Army against the Franco-Russian Hordes, like the Great War in England, or fighting battles between the Red Army and the Blue Army, as seen in Little Wars, you could use your imagination to expand imaginary nations!

Although we can’t list all of the bodies here because there are 30 of them(!) some of the options in the Home Service range include marching (LBB01), running at the trail (LBB05), full kit (LBB07) and kneeling NCO/crew (LBB10). As well as the Home Service there are also Highland light infantry, the Foreign Service and a Ghurka. There are also 35 different heads to choose from and, if we could do the maths, it probably works out there are thousands of potential combinations!

For a foot figure (including body, head and arms) expect to pay £1.65, whereas a mounted figure costs £3.95 – though there are some exceptions. Make sure you check the website for more details.

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