Southern Vectis livery is the latest from Northcord Model Company

17 December 2019
Following the significant successes Northcord Model Company launches its latest model
Southern Vectis livery is the latest from Northcord Model Company Images

Following the significant success in launching the brand-new casting of the Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMC model in the livery of National Express West Midlands, Stagecoach in Oxfordshire, Bluestar, Stagecoach West Scotland and Stagecoach South, Northcord Model Company is now releasing the seventh livery on its 10.9m long, single-door casting in 1/76 scale. The vibrant two-tone green livery of Southern Vectis reflects the company’s environmental initiative and carries the full decoration of its “Go Green Go Clean” bus on the Isle of Wight, on route 3.

No.ukbus 6512 represents fleet number 1660 with registration HW67 AHY that was new to Southern Vectis in 2018. Bus 1660 carries a full, green livery for route 3, showing the destination to Ryde. The stand-out features of the branding are: “GO GREEN GO CLEAN” and “PROTECTING YOUR ISLAND” on the nearside, with “1 FULL BUS CAN TAKE 75 CARS OFF THE ROAD” and “GO GREEN GO CLEAN” on the offside, finished off with “GO GREEN GO CLEAN” to the rear. Further additional details carried on the model include the destination board with “3 Sandown, Ryde” on both sides. 

Northcord’s Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMC model is a one-piece casting with clean lines accentuating the square, gasket-mounted windows and the livery application on which all logos and lettering are clearly legible. Another feature on this model is its twin tree protectors at the front. The front dome on the model is significant, with curved windscreens on both upper deck and lower deck.

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Northcord Model Company is also creating new design standards within the interior of both saloons. These features, inside the compartments, represent the real layout of the Enviro400 MMC, such as the extensive portrayal of handrails on upper deck and lower deck.

Model ukbus 6512 is limited to 1,008 pieces worldwide and is expected to arrive in late January or early February.

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