Sky-high price for pre-war Dinky model at specialist Vectis auction

15 August 2019
Vectis’ Specialist sale held in June featured five private owner collections plus a TV and film related section.

Vectis’ Specialist sale held in June featured five private owner collections plus a TV and film related section.

The Dinky pre-war aircraft in blue and yellow was only a good plus but was still a beautiful example of a harder to find issue. Estimated at £60-80, it did rather better, flying off to make £480. 

Another rare Dinky was the South African issue No194 Bentley Coupe in pale green with a red interior and black tonneau. Complete with driver, chrome trim and spun hubs with black treaded tyres, it had been looked after and was billed as excellent and came with a standard issue good yellow and red carded picture box. Vectis reckoned on £700 but the Bentley almost doubled that, to settle on £1,200.

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The Dinky 902 Foden (2nd type) Flat Truck was more familiar fare. This had a yellow cab and chassis, a green back and was fitted with Supertoy hubs with grey treaded tyres and boasted a tow hook. Aside from some very small chips on the front wheel arches, it was a lovely bright example of a harder issue to find. Complete with a good blue and white striped lift-off lidded box with yellow colour spot, this lorry was driven off to £960. 

On to Corgi: the Corgi GS31 Riviera Gift Set with pale blue Buick Riviera, a red trailer and a blue and white boat with figure and water skier was near mint overall. The all-important scenic stand was excellent, as was the outer carded picture box. With instructions and collectors club folded leaflet, this pairing made a splash, realising £624.

A handful of Tekno sold, amongst them the Tekno Volvo "Paulig" Covered Wagon in white and green with a yellow roof and cast hubs. It was excellent and the auctioneers reckoned that £90 might secure it. The seller was delighted to see bidding end at £1,200…

A highlight of the following day’s sale was some original Roy Cross box top artwork for the 1/144th scale Vickers VC-10 by Airfix. This original water colour/gouache painting on art board was signed by the author on both the image and the lower border. Measuring approximately  14 x  8.5 inches (35 x 22cm) and contained in a plain black wooden frame, it was estimated at £700-800 but this evocative aviation rendering went on to make £1,140.