Richmond Toys celebrates Cliff Richard's Summer Holiday

12 August 2013
imports_CCGB_ric-rt1963_53343.jpg Richmond Toys celebrates Cliff Richard's Summer Holiday
50th anniversary of Cliff Richard's Summer Holiday commemorated with special edition diecast bus. ...
Richmond Toys has announced it's celebrating the 50th anniversary of the classic British film Summer Holiday, starring music legend Cliff Richard, by releasing a special edition double decker bus based on the vehicle seen in the movie. The bright red No. 9 bus comes in neat Summer Holiday packaging, complete with Cliff on the box, and is due for release later this month priced at £12.99.

In the film the bus travelled from Picadilly to Athens, as Don (played by Richards) and his friends, who are bus mechanics at the London Transport Overhaul Works, persuaded the company to lend them a double decker. The vehicle was quickly converted into a large camper van, which they intend to drive across continental Europe, hoping to reach the South of France, and eventually end up in Athens. Along with Cliff, the film also features the Shadows and has one of the catchiest theme tunes of all time.

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