Palitoy 12 Back Vinyl Cape Jawa at Vectis

23 August 2013
imports_CCGB_jawa-front-nd_54015.jpg Palitoy 12 Back Vinyl Cape Jawa at Vectis
'Holy Grail' of Star Wars could fetch more than £10,000. ...
The 'Holy Grail' of Star Wars collectables is due to be sold at Vectis Auctions in October. The Palitoy 12 Back Vinyl Cape Jawa has almost become legendary among collectors and, until recently, it was thought that only one sealed carded example existed… until now!

The vinyl cape Jawa was later replaced with a darker brown cloth cape, which makes the original extremely rare. In fact, even unboxed figures are popular and regularly sell for upwards of £300. Fakes are common but Vectis is sure it has the real thing this time and this particular example is in fantastic condition.

So, how much will it fetch? Well currently the Jawa has a respectable estimate of £6,000 to £8,000. However, the other known Jawa, complete with vinyl cape and packaged on unpunched card, sold on eBay earlier this year for a whopping £11,300! As such, all bets are off for the Vectis Jawa.

Vectis' Kathy Taylor said: "This is one of the rarest Star Wars figures that has ever been sold. It is the Holy Grail for Star Wars memorabilia collectors. Until the other figure, which was authenticated by the US-based Action Figure Authority, came on the market, people didn’t think the Palitoy-made Jawas with the vinyl capes even existed, so there was a lot of excitement when that was sold."

The Jawa will be sold as part of the TV and film-related sale on 24th October. We'll be at the auction to film the sale, so stay tuned to see how much the Jawa fetches.

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