Oxford Diecast Unveils Latest Models

06 June 2012
imports_CCGB_ca027_55871.jpg Oxford Diecast Unveils Latest Models
From a bright pink ice cream van to a flash Jaguar, there's plenty on offer. ...
Oxford Diecast Unveils Latest Models Images

British model maker Oxford Diecast has revealed its latest range of replicas. There's a wide variety on offer, from modern National Express coaches to vintage fire trucks and even an ice cream van! Below we'll highlight a few of those available but for the full selection, just head to the Oxford Diecast website.

First up is the Jaguar XK150 FHC, which has been newly tooled by Oxford. Classed as a sports car and with minimal rear seating, it came as a two/three seater coupe, two/three seater convertible or a two seater roadster. The standard engine was 3.4 litres but most often, the car was fitted with the SE engine which boosted the power. Finished in gleaming black and with authentic red interior, the detail extends to the dashboard, carpets, seats and steering wheel.

Next, we've got the GruMustang P51D, as flown by Major Louis 'Red Dog' Norley OC 334th FS, 4th FG, in April 1945 The P-51 Mustang was long-range single seat WWII fighter aircraft designed and built by North American Aviation. The paint finish is exceptionally detailed too, notably the propellers and front fuselage, exhaust pipes and the anti glare panel. Louis 'red Dog' Norley, one of the notable WWII fighter aces over Europe, ended the war with more than 16 kills.

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If you're a fan of police vehicles, then this is one for you. The Jaguar XJ-S which became known as the XJS in the 1990s, was classed as a luxury grand tourer, made between 1975 and 1996. The 2-door coupe was manufactured at the firm's Coventry works, where more than 115,000 came off the production line before it was superseded by the XJ8 in 1996. This is a repaint of the Jaguar XJ-S, which Oxford released last month.

Finally, we just couldn't resist this bright pink Tonibell (with cow) Bedford CA Ice Cream van. This latest addition to Oxford's ice cream van range represents one of the most famous ice cream vending companies of the 1960s. The Tonibell vans, launched in 1960, were originally blue but changed to the 'hot pink' colour in 1969 and have remained in this colour scheme ever since. The Tonibell ice cream chimes were unique, as was the Tonibell cow on the roof, although this feature disappeared in the 1970s when the vehicle suppliers to the company changed. Their slogan was famous too - 'Make Mine a 99' - which was emblazoned on the sides of the van.

Remember, to take a look at the rest of Oxford's new releases, just head to the website.