New models launched by Corgi

19 January 2024
Latest January to April catalogue released

As Corgi's latest models are released, we take a look at what is on offer. The models can be purchased directly from or from your preferred retailer.

Junkers Ju-88C-6, R4+HH, Gerhard Böhme, 1./NJG.2, Catania, Sicily 1942
PRICE: £84.99 SCALE: 1/72 REF: AA36714
Expected Spring 2024

Bristol Beaufighter TF.X, NE775/X2, 455 Sqn RAAF, June 1944 
PRICE: £84.99 SCALE: 1/72 REF: AA28603 
Expected Spring 2024

Supermarine Spitfire MkIXe, ML407, Sq Ldr John ‘Johnnie’ Houlton
PRICE: £59.99 SCALE: 1/72 REF: AA29103
Expected Spring 2024

Panavia Tornado GR.1, ZD748/AK, Johnnie Walker ‘Still Going Strong’, RAF No.9 Squadron
PRICE: £179.99 SCALE: 1/48 REF: AA29401 
Expected Spring 2025

Martin B-26B Marauder, 41-31576 ‘Dinah Might’, Mjr David Dewhurst
PRICE: £119.99 SCALE: 1/72  REF: AA29501
Expected Spring 2024

SPAD S.XIII, S.7714, Captain Robert Soubiran
PRICE: £59.99 SCALE: 1/48 REF: AA37910
Available now

BAe Harrier GR7A ZD437/49A ‘Michelle’, RAF No.1 Squadron,
Operation Herrick, RAF Kandahar, Afghanistan, 2007

PRICE: £149.99 SCALE: 1/48 REF: AA29301
Available now

McDonnell DouglasTM Phantom FGR.2TM XV466/D, No.1435 Flight, RAF Mount
PRICE: £179.99 SCALE: 1/48 REF: AA27903
Available now

Ford Escort MkI Twin Cam, Ermine White (Ford Press Car)
PRICE: £35.99 SCALE: 1/43 REF: VA09532
Available now

Jaguar XJ6 Series 2, Dark Blue
PRICE: £35.99 SCALE: 1/43 REF: VA13906
Expected Spring 2024

Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000 Custom, Black
PRICE: £35.99  SCALE: 1/43 REF: VA14906
Available now

Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000, Signal Green
PRICE: £35.99 SCALE: 1/43 REF: VA14907
Available now

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Ford Transit Custom Leader, North Yorkshire Police
PRICE: £37.99 SCALE: 1/43 REF: VA15103
Expected Spring 2024

Ford Mustang Mk6 GT Fastback, Orange Fury
PRICE: £35.99 SCALE: 1/43 REF: VA15502 
Expected Winter 2023-24

James Bond Aston Martin DB5 – Silver
PRICE: £32.99 SCALE: 1/43 REF: RT26101S
Expected Summer 2024

Rover 75 V6 Contemporary SE, Ski Blue
PRICE: £35.99 SCALE: 1/43 REF: VA09206
Expected Spring 2024

Ford Capri Mk2 3-litre Ghia Automatic, Sebring Red
PRICE: £35.99 SCALE: 1/43 REF: VA15401
Expected Spring 2024

Triumph Scrambler 1200 (Bond Edition)
PRICE: £89.99 SCALE: 1/12 REF: CC08402
Expected Spring 2024

Wallace & Gromit - The Wrong Trousers - Feathers McGraw & Locomotive
PRICE: £34.99 SCALE: FTB REF: CC80602
Expected Summer 2024

Wallace & Gromit - The Wrong Trousers - Wallace & Flatbed Wagon
PRICE: £34.99 SCALE: FTB REF: CC80604
Expected Summer 2024

Wallace & Gromit - The Wrong Trousers - Train Set Chase
Expected Spring 2024

Wallace & Gromit - The Wrong Trousers - Gromit & Coaches
PRICE: £34.99 SCALE: FTB REF: CC80603
Expected Summer 2024

Gerry Anderson’s Stingray
SCALE:  FTB PRICE: £39.99 REF: CC01001 
Expected Winter 2023-24

James Bond - Q Glider ‘No Time To Die’
PRICE: £44.99 SCALE: FTB REF: CC03601
Expected Spring 2024