New Buses from Forward Models Available in April

26 March 2013
imports_CCGB_ngw-09-lhs-l-2809x1760_11114.jpg New Buses from Forward Models Available in April
Model maker adds to its collection of Brummy buses! ...
New Buses from Forward Models Available in April Images
Forward Models has announced it's adding to its selection of classic Birmingham buses, with five new replicas due out this April. All represent the later 27-foot long versions of the 'new look' concealed radiator types. Forward Models was set up to research and manufacture scale models of Birmingham buses and trams after managing director Derek Perry realised there were no decent replicas of the Birmingham Standard bus. The first five reproductions are already available and include three models of a Guy Arab 'New Look' and two models of exposed radiator Crossleys.

The five new models include a Daimler on route 24, two others are BCT Guy Arabs on routes 41 and 44, as well as two more in WMPTE liveries on ex-BCT route 90 and ex-Walsall route 15. The new models are expected in April but can be order now from reailers or direct from the Forward Models website.

Daimler - MOF 225 Route 24 to Warstock. Adverts - Elkes Biscuits and Hercules Bicycles. Ref NDB-06

Guy Arab - JOJ 935 Route 41 to Turves Green. Adverts - Dulux and Drinka Pinta Milkay Day. Ref NGB-07

Guy Arab with Lightweight Body - LOG 301 Route 44 to Acocks Green. Adverts - Co-operative and Littlewoods. Ref NGB-08.

Guy Arab in WMPTE Colours - JOJ 613 Route 90 to Pheasey Estate. Adverts - Prudential and Gold Leaf. Ref NGW-09.

Guy Arab in WMPTE Colours - MOF 58 Route 15 to Walsall. Adverts - Visionhire and Vernons. Ref NGW-10.

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