Hasbro unveils a host of Star Wars: The Acolytes collectables

28 March 2024
Star Wars The Acolytes collectables
Star Wars fans have only seen a brief glimpse of The Acolyte in a teaser trailer from Disney+ and Hasbro has wasted no time by announcing a selection of different action figures based on those characters seen in the upcoming live action series.

What is The Acolyte in Star Wars?


The Acolyte is the latest Star Wars TV show, due to debut on Disney+ on June 4th, 2024. Set during the twilight of the peaceful High Republic era, it follows a veteran Jedi Master and their estranged former Padawan as they investigate a wave of dark side crimes. As they delve deeper into the mystery, they'll encounter sinister forces that threaten the Republic and the Jedi Order itself. And, with the release of its teaser trailer and in true Disney style, it sees the release of a whole new collections of Star Wars figures and merchandise; including a Black Series and an addition to the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection.



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What action figures has Hasbro announced for The Acolyte?


Hasbro has revealed a number of action figures for The Acolyte in its Black Series and The Vintage Collection. First up, in the Black Series, you can now pre-order the following from the Hasbro Pulse website which includes the Jedi Master Sol, the Jedi Knight Yord Fandar, the Padawan Jecki Lion, Mae (Assassin) and Jedi Master Indara. Each figure costs £24.99 and is due to ship from August 28th, 2024.


Star Wars figures in The Vintage Collection


If you prefer your action figures to look a little more like the Kenner or Palitoy classics of the past, then Hasbro has you covered. Resembling the 3.75-inch figures from the 1979s, the Vintage Collection features Kenner branding and package design, with a unique VC Number for collectability.


The Acolyte figures available in The Vintage Collection are Mae Assassin and Jedi Master Sol.


These figures both cost £16.99 and are expected to ship from September 18th, 2024.


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Are my Star Wars collectables worth anything?


As with a lot of toy collectables, Star Wars toys can hold their value – even if they have missing parts or signs of wear, and particularly if they are original pieces. The value of Star Wars toy collectables depends on the rarity and whether they are a desirable among fans and fellow collectors. If you have a Star Wars collectable stashed away, why not find out how much they could be worth in our Star Wars price guide?