Exclusive Video of Winter Memorabilia at the Birmingham NEC

13 December 2012
imports_CCGB_screen-shot-2012-12-13-at-13.44.47_87914.png Exclusive Video of Winter Memorabilia at the Birmingham NEC
See some of the amazing collectables on offer at the huge TV and film event. ...

Memorabila has become one of the stand out events in the TV and film collectables calendar. From its humble beginnings several years ago, it has been through numerous changes and now offers film buffs the opportunity to celebrate their passion in plenty of different ways. Whether you want to dress up as the Ghostbusters with your mates, bag some exceptionally rare collectables (like the fantastic Japanese Transformers we saw on offer), hear celebrities tell tales about their fame or just reminisce by looking at some of the classic toys, then Memorabilia has you covered.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Winter Memorabilia 2012 show at the Birmingham NEC in November and was amazed by how popular the show was, over the weekend thousands of people flocked through the doors and many of those were dressed up as their favourite characters - we somehow managed to resist the temptation to dress as Optimus Prime. The number of collectables on offer was absolutely staggering and stall after stall was packed with interesting items.

Well, enjoy the video below and keep an eye to see if you can spot yourself in the crowd! 

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